About MelSa

MelSa Minutes is a service provided by MelSa Productivity, which is an established business support firm that was created with a simple mission: to provide a premium experience for the smaller companies who are aspiring to get there.

Armed with years of experience supporting C/D/Board-level executives & profitable businesses, a solid corporate skill set, a high level of empathy, and a healthy dash of entrepreneurial spirit, Melody Sadé Abeni serves MelSa Productivity as its Chief Engineer of Calm® – with a particular affinity for those who are focused on creating a positive social impact with what they do.

Existing clients choose to work with MelSa Productivity because we make intelligent and efficient decisions with genuine care, regardless of how big or small the task is – we always aim to ask the right questions and listen carefully. 

In short: We meet clients at their point of need, work with them to make sense of what’s needed for their success – and then get on with dealing with the necessary on their behalf.

Melody is passionate about helping corporate escapees to create an environment where they can do what they are best at doing – and so she created MelSa Productivity to be able to do just that!